Environment Policy

krow constantly strives to be a good corporate citizen, and will within the work we do, encourage and advise our clients to do likewise. Our business ethos is one in which we are committed to improving our environmental performance, achieving this by:

  • A number of ongoing recycling initiatives – e.g. paper, aluminium cans, plastics, toner cartridges etc.
  • Where they can be found, we always attempt to engage with environmentally friendly suppliers with a like minded approach to the environment.

We have implemented this by aiming to:

  • Comply with all current and future environmental legislation and regulations, including any other requirements we may subscribe to that relate to our environmental aspects.
  • Continue and extend our programme of recycling waste and diverting waste from landfill.
  • Target a reduction in energy, through efficiency programmes and monitoring measures.
  • Ensure our suppliers minimise their environmental impacts, incorporating environmental and waste management considerations into our Service Level Agreements and contracts.
  • Encourage the use of public transport for business travel; purchase and shared use of company vehicles.

We will assist in the above actions by:

  • Ensuring adequate resources are available to aid the successful implementation and the ongoing management of the EMS.
  • Presenting and explaining the policy to all staff, covering:
  • Its purpose and impacts throughout the business
  • How to access it (i.e. staff handbook)
  • How all staff contribute to the implementation and ongoing management of the EMS
  • Incorporating an EMS session on all new staff inductions
  • Involving staff at all levels, via the Environmental Committee, in identifying and reducing krow’s harmful environmental impacts.
  • Progress towards the company’s environmental aims will be achieved through monitoring to inform continual improvement and the prevention of pollution. Objectives and targets will be reviewed periodically.